Membership Info/Fees


A membership is a completely optional one time purchase that will allow you to save on your league fees for the years to come. Members benefit from a $30.00 discount on all league fees. The more leagues you curl in, the more you save.

This is great for curlers that know they are going to continue to curl in many different leagues and are going to curl in the years to come.

Membership Cost: $200.00 One-time Fee

League Fees

West St. Paul Curling Club has a standardized league fee with exception to Juniors. This allows you to always know what your going to be paying, regardless of which league you are curling in.

You also only pay for the first 4 players of your team. This means if you have an optional fifth or sixth player, you can split that cost among all members.

Member League Fees: $300.00/player

Non-member League Fees: $330.00/player

Junior League Fees

West St. Paul believes that learning to curl at a young age should be affordable and accessible. This is why our Junior fees are significantly less expensive.

Junior League Fee: $85.00/player

League Fee Breakdown

Ice Fee Breakdown
Members: $260.00
Non-members: $290.00

Additional Fees Breakdown (not applicable to Juniors)
$20.00 Food/Drink Voucher (4 x $5 Vouchers)
$20.00 Grey Cup / Super Bowl / Liquor Raffle Tickets (To be determined when COVID-19 Sports Status is confirmed)