WSPCC Code Red Update

Hello Everyone,

Following the recent provincial announcement to extend public health orders until January 22, 2021, the West St. Paul Curling Club Executive met to consider the remainder of the 2020/21 curling season. Based on the discussions the following decisions were made:

  • The season will re-commence on January 26 if the public health orders are relaxed on January 22 to permit the facility to open.
  • Fees will be prorated based on a reduced season: $230 for non-members and $200 with membership.
  • If orders are extended the latest date that it would be possible to resume a season is February 15.

At this time we are looking to understand what each team is planning if the season restarts. If you could please respond to this email with your intention, it would be helpful to inform planning going forward.

Please note that if the season is restarted and restrictions are reinstated, all fees paid would be applied to the 2021/22 curling seasons. However, given recent case counts we are hoping that this isn’t something we will need to consider.

Our many thanks for your patience as we navigate this challenging time.